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Tim "Long-Haired" Jim Courtright
Much ado about nothing. He didn't even have long hair and there are no records to support the notion he was a gunfighter.

Below are known facts about Courtright:

- He was born Timothy Isaiha Courtright  between 1845 & 1848, Sangamon Co, Illinois. His father was Daniel Courtright.
     - He was raised in Iowa.
- He arrived in Texas in 1873 and was a farmer until 1875.
- In late 1875 he was hired as a Deputy City Marshal in Fort Worth.
- In early 1876 he was elected City Marshal of Fort Worth.
- In 1879 he failed to be re-elected as City Marshal.
    - He may have spent some time after this defeat as a U.S. 
Deputy Marshal.
- In 1883 he and an accomplice murdered two men in New Mexico
    - After the murders Courtright fled back to Fort Worth thinking he would be safe. That was not the case as a New Mexico Police Officer trailed Courtright to Fort Worth with warrants in hand. The Officer requested and received help from the Texas Rangers who together took Courtright into custody.  Courtrights friends devised a plan and sprung Courtright from his capturers and fled, some say to Canada. When all the witnesses died or disappeared he eventually returned to New Mexico to face the charges but with no witnesses he was set free.
- Courtright eventually returned to Fort Worth but was unable to find employment and open the Commerical Detective Agency (a front for nothing more than a protection racket)
- He was married with two daughters.
- He picked a gun fight with Luke Short on Feburary 8, 1887 outside the White Elephant Saloon and was promptly killed.

Please notice what is missing here; no mention of being an Army Scout or Showman with Buffalo Bill Cody. No Face-to-Face gun fights (which are required to be considered a gun fighter) except for the one in which he was killed. So who is responsible for all the lies about Courtright? Well you can place the blame at the feet of  basically three men; F. Stanley a.k.a. Father Stanley Crocchiola, well known writer Eugene Cunningham and George Hendicks.  Other writers are also to blame but they simply repeated what these three guys made up.

Father Crocchiloa wrote the book, " Long-hair Jim Courtright: Two Gun Marshal of Fort Worth", under the name F. Stanley.

Eugene Cunningham wrote an article for "Frontier Times" which eventually was copied by other writers.

George Hendricks wrote the book, " The Bad Man of the West".

If you are interested in the truth about Courtright find the biography of Courtright written by Robert K. DeArment, c2004.